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Join your seasoned retreat hostess's, travel guide, nurse, and wellness practitioner Chandra Aiesha for a custom magical 8-Day journey that will encompass:

The elegance of nature in a traditional setting
Insight into the magic of Balinese culture
Personalized Experience
Connection to the elements and yourself
Deep nourishment for your soul

Prepare Yourself For Healing & Authentic Vibes, a Digital Detox Segment, Exploration, 

Spa Time with a dash of turn-up!


This retreat is for you If you just needing a vacation, have no one to travel with and are feeling the vibes, to the maintenance of your physical body, to resolving any kind of stacks in your life, to coming out from depression and stress relief to investigating your hidden resources and going deep inside yourself to connect with your soul.


A 8 day/7nights holistic wellness experience

Luxury style Balinese Accommodations

Airport Transfers to/from DPS airport

Choice of Yoga Flows, Breath work & Meditation

Sound Healing

A Digital Detox Session Segment

Herbal Sauna Steam w/ Salt Water Pool Dip Detox Night

Cultural Activities and Excursions

Local Authentic Cuisine

 Ayurveda Massage & Spa Balinese Treatment

Personal travel concierge to take care of any questions you may have.

Not Included:

Flight to/from Bali
Travel Insurance 

Passport & Visa
Activities during your free time

Alcoholic Beverages (preferably not consumed on retreat site)

Extra massages outside the complementary ones

The Experience

Dive into the heart of Bali's lush jungles with us, where every corner holds a new adventure - from thrilling white water rafting to discovering hidden waterfalls amidst vibrant flora. And let's not forget our lounge time/ low-key dash of turn-up day at Melasti's Beach Club! 🏖️ It's a dope time, guaranteed!

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Balinese culture, soaking up ancient wisdom and traditions that will nourish your soul. And when it's time to unwind, indulge in some well-deserved spa time surrounded by calming essential oils. You'll emerge feeling like a whole new person - relaxed, radiant, and utterly rejuvenated.

With Bali's stunning backdrop as our canvas, this retreat is not just a journey for your body, but a celebration of your inner and outer wellness. Join us for an experience like no other, where every moment is infused with connection, joy, and transformation.


Come catch the vibe in Bali with your tribe! 🌴

Bali 2023 Itinerary

This Retreat is for you if:

✓ If you're ready to invest seven transformative days into self-discovery,

✓ If you long to break free from the grind and sync with the gentle tides of your existence,

✓ If you're eager to embrace confidence and peace within your body,

✓ If you desire a personalized experience 

✓ If you need a vacation in a paradise setting,

✓ Whether you've dreamed of visiting Bali or you’re seeking a reason to return, this retreat calls to you.



In-House Payment Plan ($1000 deposit, + spit payments), AFFIRM & AfterPay (finance company)  Available



Airport Code: DPS (Denpasar,Bali)


Keep in mind that it takes about a min of 24hrs to get into Bali and

because of the time difference you will arrive to Bali a day later.


Your goal is to land in Bali before/by 3pm Thursday of your Vacay.


Please make sure your Passport has more than 6mo before expiration from your Bali arrival date. This is required by Bali. They will not allow you into their country if your Passport expires within 6mo from arrival.


Not Required.

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  • Can I arrive a day early? Or stay a day late?
    Yes, there is an option to arrive as early as 3pm the 1-3 days prior. This option/add-on is $350/day. Please contact the trip organizer directly for arrangements. We also have a 10day experience. You would start your vacay 3 days earlier, gives you time to recalibrate from the jet lag,sight see, partake in a dash of turn up, get a headstart on your wellness experience, or just hang out? The choice is yours and is available. Complete your intake form now.
  • Do I need to be vaccinated?
  • Do I need to know how to do Yoga to attend this retreat?
    Not at all. Beginners are welcomed. The classes are beginner friendly, if challenging there are modified poses. Also doing yoga on the retreat is encouraged, not mandatory.
  • Can I pay through Zelle or Wire Transfer to avoid fees?
    Yes, payments are accepted through Zelle or Wire Transfer. Please reach out directly to use these, or alternative options.
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