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A 4-day/3-night experience
full of wellness, relaxation, exploration, and more in Los Angeles, California.

Group Size: 4-6 women.

Rediscover your inner glow at the Women’s Wellness Detox, Reflect, and Reset Retreat, masterfully curated by Theressia Nangle of The Healing Temple Co. and Chandra Aiesha of Wellness Vacay Retreats. As your personal wellness guides and practitioners, they are dedicated to crafting a completely restorative experience for you, brimming with invigorating wellness activities.

Retreat Highlights:


Vegan meals, Vegan raw food meals, Juices and Smoothies

Digital detox day - 24hrs of no digital/electronic products. 

(8hrs of which will be spent in silence)

Gratitude Nature Hike

3hr Coastline Bike Ride

Yoga Fusion Flow and Meditation 

" Taste of LA" wellness scene experience

Sound Bath w/ Aromatherapy

Personal time to rest and recharge

Detoxing Support

Infrared Sauna Sessions

Not Included:

Travel Insurance 

Transfers outside of a 25mi radius

(Airport Transfers are Included)

Passport & Visa

1 Lunch & 1 Dinner on Free/Personal Day
Activities during your free time 

Break away from the everyday grind, recharge your spirit, and empower yourself through a holistic detoxification experience. Indulge in a detox diet of organic cold-pressed juices, fresh organic fruits, and a tailored alkaline diet. Herbal teas and tonics further enhance your body's natural cleanse.


Heal and rejuvenate through breathwork, meditation, and sound bowl healing. Experience the calming rhythm of yin yoga, partake in rejuvenating nature activities, and surrender to the therapeutic heat of full-body infrared sauna sessions. Allow professional massages to knead away your stress, find peace in silent time, and unplug from the digital world to reconnect with your inner self.


Peek into the thriving Los Angeles Wellness scene through our included "Taste of LA" experience shown below. The "Detox,Reflect & Reset Retreat" is your passport to a rejuvenated, blissful, and empowered self. Every moment here is designed to transform your getaway into a platform for growth and revitalization.


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